Cage Lorries

Cage Lorries


Our Cage Lorries are upto can supply 24 cubic yard cage lorries with tail lift, these come with 1 hour wait and load inclusive.

The idea is to take one loose (not bins) waste stream: Mixed, Plasterboard, Metal , Wood, Hard-core, Paper/Card, etc. You will be charged for transport and then per tonne, the fee per tonne is dependent on waste type.

Metal collections are different; an all-in set fee with 100% revenue returned to an allocated member on site, the cage lorries come with internal dividers which can be used to separate two waste streams. This is charged as a Large Cage Lorry, and can only be provided with certain waste streams that have been agreed with our transport team.

MCS have implemented what we call a "Bin Exchange" service, where we deliver empty bins in the morning then collect full bins as our last collection of the day. This is our most popular service and is only offered as a last collection of the day as the bins are brought back to our depot for processing; please allow plenty of time for bookings as this service is subject to availability and varies depending on lorry availability (between 7-10x660’s), the maximum number of 660’s that can be exchanged at any time is 10x660’s.

This service allows sites to segregate waste into various waste streams (e.g. 1 metal, 2 wood, 2 plasterboard, etc.,) which are clearly identified on your paperwork, which maximises recycling whilst working with limited space; provides a quick, clean and quiet turnover (which can be desirable for sites with sound restrictions); helps support sites housekeeping (no need for piles of segregated wastes).

With our strive to innovate and offer more services for our clients, MCS now offer transportation of goods. Either from site to site or  temporary storage solutions: With our large cage lorries with tail lifts and an hour wait and load we can move a large amount of items from one site to another; At our depot we offer fully secured and monitored temporary storage solutions providing 20 and 40 yard containers.

Please contact our office for prices with regards to this service.