Waste Containers

Mobile Compactor Services can offer a wide range of service containers suitable to handle all of your waste disposal requirements, from a single compact wheelie bin to a 40 yard Roll-On-Off container.

Wheeled Bins

MCS have been supplying wheelie bins to work in conjunction with our Mobile Compactors for the past 14 yrs; we feel that this has been one of the main reasons for our success, as there are so many benefits in using wheelie bins.

Before you consider the financial benefits for using wheelie bins, you should first look at the Health and Safety issues, such as keeping the site clean and tidy as you should no longer have material lying on the floor.


Financially by using wheelie bins you will be able to cut down on your labour cost, this is mainly due to the waste material only needs to be handled the once.

Also using wheelie bins to segregate your waste, is in our opinion the most affective way to control your waste (wheelie bins do come in different colours, and they can be clearly marked for the different waste streams).

MCS insist that for everybody's safety wheelie bins should only be level filled, and in No circumstances should a fire be lit in side the wheelie bin.

We have a range of wheeled bins with capacities of 240ltrs, 360ltrs and 660ltrs which offers you a mobile waste solution however big your site or premises are. MCS also provide a range of hazardous waste containers such as 205ltr drums and fluorsecent tube coffins.