Waste Management

Waste Management Audit

Mobile Compactor Services can provide a comprehensive Waste Management Audit, tracking the path of a site’s waste from start to completion and ensuring that your project complies with the legal requirements.

We can also provide you with a full list of all the recycling centres that we use, this includes all the relevant details i.e. licenses etc. (This will assist you with your waste management plan)

Site Waste Management Plan

From April 2008 it is a legal requirement to provide a Site Waste Management Plan for certain commercial projects.


This means that all building materials must be managed efficiently, waste matter is legally disposed of and that as much surplus and waste material as possible is recycled, reused or recovered.

Monthly Waste Reports

We can supply you with monthly waste reports, which will provide you with total tonnage of all waste removed from site, (mixed and segregated) plus total Co2 emissions used travelling to and from your site.

After (mixed and segregated) this report also gives you a clear description of all the waste removed and what percentage of that waste was reused, recycled and what went to land fill. It will also give you a total of the Co2 emissions used travelling to and from site.