The waste disposal systems implemented by Mobile Compactor Services offers complete transparency and we work hard to maintain an ethical approach to waste disposal. MCS Ltd has always promoted the segregation of waste materials on site whenever possible.


Mobile Compactor Services provides a comprehensive waste disposal system 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and we always go that extra mile to ensure that the service we provide is of the highest standard. We welcome all enquires whether commercial or domestic and no matter what the job we have the vehicle and solution you need.

From major fit-outs and renovations, to smaller commercial or domestic works, Mobile Compactor Services has the ability, knowledge and experience to deal with all aspects of waste disposal.


Our compactors are capable of collecting in excess of 10 tonnes of waste (that's compacted waste) in one visit, suppling collections for mixed waste and plasterboard collections. Each vehicle is fitted with a trade bin lift which is capable of lifting wheelie bins ranging from 120ltrs to 1100ltrs.


All of our vehicles are maintained to a very high standard, they are also fitted with tracking systems which insures that they are running ecologically, keeping our CO2 readings as low as possible.


Hazardous Waste

Many people do not realize that many of our every day items are classified as hazardous, and even though they may not seem dangerous to handle, they are hazardous to the environment.


MCS provides hazardous waste managament solutions are removal for a wide range of materials.


Waste Containers

MCS have been supplying wheelie bins to work in conjunction with our Mobile Compactors for the past 24 yrs; we feel that this has been one of the main reasons for our success, as there are so many benefits in using wheelie bins.

We have a range of wheeled bins with capacities of 240ltrs, 360ltrs and 660ltrs, which offers you a mobile waste solution however big your site or premises are.


Storage Solutions

With our strive to innovate and offer more services for our clients, MCS now offer transportation of goods. Either from site to site or  temporary storage solutions.


Our large cage lorries come with tail lifts and an hour wait and load, with these we can move a large amount of items from one site to another.

At our depot we offer fully secured and monitored temporary storage solutions providing 20 and 40 yard containers.

Shipping Containers

Cage Lorries

MCS has some of the largest cage lorries in the buinsess with upto 24 cubic yard of space and weight carrying capacities of upto 6 tonnes.


Cage Lorries are normally used for lighter and bulky waste materials and these vehicles are very popular with sites where access is restricted.


All of our cage lorries are fitted with tail lifts, come with 1 hours inclusive loading time and a range of different collection methods.


Waste Management

Mobile Compactor Services can provide a comprehensive Waste Management Audit, tracking the path of a site’s waste from start to completion and ensuring that your project complies with the legal requirements.

We can also provide you with a full list of all the recycling centres that we use, this includes all the relevant details such as licenses etc.

Business Meeting


Mobile Compactor Services are keen to promote reuse of items and have various avenues for waste diversion.

We currently have reuse and take back schemes in place for: Carpet Tiles; Raised Access Flooring; Office Furniture; Armstrong Ceiling Tiles; Flooring; Plywood; Pallets.


All reuse items will have associated receipts as proof of transfer; MCS are not restricted to the above, if you have items that we have not mentioned please let us know and we will endeavour to open up as many avenues for reuse as we can.


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Skips & RoRo's

There are occasions where using a skip is a must, that is mainly when disposing of heavy material's such as soil and hardcore etc.

MCS can provide you with skips between 3 - 16 yards.

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