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Mobile Compactor Services maintains a fleet of mobile compaction refuse vehicles, which in our opinion is the most cost effective way of disposing of your waste. Our compactors can munch their way through most things such as Metal, Plasterboard, Woods, Carpet and much more as well as being capable of collecting in excess of 10 tonnes of waste (that's compacted waste) in one visit.

We supply compactor collections for mixed waste and plasterboard, each vehicle is fitted with a trade bin lift which is capable of lifting wheelie bins ranging from 120ltrs to 1100ltrs. All of our vehicles are maintained to a very high standard and are fitted with tracking systems which insures that they are running ecologically, keeping our CO2 readings as low as possible.


Whilst considering whether to use a Compactor Service against Skips/Roll-on-Off, you may want to consider unlike skips you don't have to worry about the health and safety issues which surround skips when being left unattended.( i.e. Fire etc).

Our compactor service is charged per the bin, detailed below:

  • We collect 2 waste streams on compactors: Mixed or Plasterboard (Our price list shows other wastes on compactors however the demand is not effective to run on other wastes so we promote cage lorries for these)
  • You will be charged per bin with a minimum collection of 10x660 (i.e. 3x660 will be charged as minimum 10x660, whereas 12x660 will be charged as 12x660).

  • Waiting time is based on 15 minutes for every 7x660 emptied (i.e. 21x660 emptied allows 45 minutes loading).

  • Each bins size has a weight allowance. Typically the following weight boundaries are used: 150kg per 660 litre bin, 75kg per 360 litre bin and 50kg per 240 litre bin (e.g. If 11x660 bins are emptied and weighed in at 1,800kg, you will be charged for an additional 660 to cover the 150kg excess).


When MCS supply a compactor we have a minimum colleciton charge, this is to ensure we operate cost effectively. The minimum amount of bins charged per collection are listed below:

  • 240 litres bin have a minimum charge rate of 30 x bins.

  • 360 litres bin have a minimum charge rate of 20 x bins.

  • 660 litres bin have a minimum charge rate of 10 x bins.